HISP Geneva intends to help bridge the gap between organisations on the global stage that influence or are influenced by health information systems (HIS) related decisions, and those that implement these systems in countries (Ministries, NGO’s, Private Sector entities etc.). HISP Geneva does this by fostering and supporting a community effort to educate, share lessons, and deliver practical solutions.

Examples of this support include:

  • Launching the Geneva DHIS2 Users community (bi-monthly half-day thematic sessions for organisations involved with DHIS2)
  • Launching the DHIS2 Academy series in Geneva (see initial launch event, 14-18 Dec, 2016)
  • Facilitating the delivery of workshops on issues topical to need of the community
  • Supporting research and the generation of global public goods in the domain of HIS (e.g. case studies, reference implementation examples, guidelines etc.)
  • Providing access to technical support and expertise for the Geneva community
  • Proactively participating in agenda-setting discussions, initiatives and programmes to help improve the quality and effectiveness of HIS implementations in countries.