HISP Geneva is a program of the eSHIFT Partner Network.

eSHIFT is a Swiss not-for-profit organization established to help ‘great ideas’ scale into the national health systems of developing countries so that populations achieve better health outcomes. eSHIFT goal is to help overcome the ‘real world barriers’ to scaling ideas through:

  1. Developing and holding in trust best practices, templates and frameworks that governments, organizations and development partners can use to improve the outcomes of scaling initiatives.
  2. Bringing together a diverse set of actors to help align ICT3, eHealth, mHealth and other innovative efforts with key health and health system objectives e.g. universal health coverage, sustainable interventions etc.
  3. Researching, testing and promoting the use of innovative financing mechanisms to help bridge ‘funding gaps’, overcome sustainability and scaling challenges, and incubate and foster innovative ideas.

The focus on overcoming ‘barriers to scale’ is in direct response to: country demand for assistance introducing innovative ideas; concerns expressed by development partners at the natural biases of supplier-driven interventions; and doubts expressed by funding agencies on the sustainability of larger projects.

The founders of eSHIFT strongly believe that it is critical to overcome the challenges of scalability so that governments and communities can realise the promised benefits demonstrated from pilot projects.